Adrenaline Rush 3 | Reservation

  1. We will arrive during your scheduled delivery time to install your inflatable and return 6 hours later to uninstall.  Find a flat and clean area with 1 household electrical outlet within 100 ft.
  2. The calendar will show if your items are available.   Green = available | White or Pink = Unavailable
  3. If it is raining or winds over 20 mph, you can cancel your rental and get a full refund.
  4. If you choose to pay a $70 deposit, the balance will be due in CASH ONLY when we arrive to set up your inflatable.
  5. Many areas have free delivery, check our Delivery Fee page to check your city’s charge.  Delivery fees are due in cash to your driver when they arrive for set-up.



The Adrenaline Rush 3 is the newest big obstacle to hit Indiana for 2018.  It’s kinda tough to see from the pictures and video but this obstacle is massive.  It is made for two people to race each other at the same time.  It looks deceptive cause the inside lane appears to have a disadvantage.  This is far from the truth.  The lanes are the same length but when partygoers race each other it creates lots of excitement because the racers are tied much lloser than it looks