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About Us

BY Damascus Chappell 

Mr. and Mrs. Chappell Planet Bounce Rentals

Planet Bounce Rentals

We are certified safety operators of hundreds of types of inflatables. Make sure your next rental comes from a company that puts safety first. Please feel free to contact one of our representatives at your convenience. 317-402-8759.

Planet Bounce is a family owned rental and party inflatables delivery company started in early 2008. Our internet presence was born out of a need to give our customers access to us even when we were teaching. We are one of the first companies in Indiana to do a majority of their marketing, reservations, and communications online. This 2013 season, we are continuing to strengthen the value of internet shoppers needs and wants.

The Equipment

We currently offer many different inflatables that cover a wide range of children, carnival, H.O.A., church, and company needs. Keeping our inventory manageable goes a long way toward keeping our deliveries on time, keeping our units in great shape, and being able to know exactly what each customer is expecting at delivery. When we started our bounce house rental company, we realized that our customers satisfaction would be the key to any business success or growth. Not cutting corners goes a long way toward keeping customers happy. We feel that giving customers super service with quality equipment will encourage them to return to us year after year. Striving for perfection with customer satisfaction is a constant goal for us at Planet Bounce Rentals.

The Owners

Mr. and Mrs. Chappell
Have been married for 13 long years now. We are both Hoosiers to the bone and enjoy spending our summers seeing many of the beautiful parts of central Indiana. We have delivered as far south as Bloomington and have a few customers as far north as Fort Wayne. Aside from the additional income, Planet Bounce has added a new dynamic to our marriage. Luckily, being in the Bounce Mobile all weekend has been more pleasant than we anticipated. We feel lucky that we entered this adventure and are making kids parties tons more fun.

We are trying to figure out exactly how many inflatables we can successfully deliver, on time, in one day. We will continue to replace tired bouncers to keep our inventory in top condition as well as conversing with our customers to stay atop of which inflatables customers would like for their next rental. Our Slogan: Thank you for Choosing Planet Bounce! See ya Soon!